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Our Story:

I’m Eric and I’m Vegan.  I suppose every Vegan has his or her “story.”  I became Vegan because I wanted to improve my health.  I was overweight, had very high cholesterol and high blood pressure.  I ate the “typical” American diet – hamburgers, pizza, fried foods, fast foods, soda, sweets, dairy, etc…  I’m 45 years old and have a wife and 4 children (ages 20, 18, 5 & 3).  I want to be around long enough to raise my children.


I started watching documentaries on food and health.  I ultimately decided that becoming Vegan would help me to lose weight and get healthy.  I started with a 3 day juice fast and then went 100% Vegan!


Within 6 weeks I had lost 35 pounds, lowered my blood pressure and reduced my cholesterol to near-olympic athlete levels!  I haven’t looked back since.


One day my family and I were vacationing in Big Sur, CA and I was trying to find a place to eat.  We asked around and couldn’t find any restaurants that offered Vegan choices!  I thought “There needs to be an online resource – a directory of Vegan restaurants!”  On that day, Vegan Restaurant Finder was born (at least in my head).  I would create a directory of Vegan spots to eat!  But wait, I wanted more cowbell!  The site would need to provide more than just the name and address of a place to vegan-eat, I wanted to see pictures, menues, hours, pricing and most importantly – reviews from other Vegans!


Thank you SO MUCH for visiting and using our website!  Please tell your family and friends about us.  Our site will always be 100% free to use.  Please check back often as we intend to add more features regularly.  Check for our mobile app coming soon too!


Eric Sachs – Vegan Restaurant Finder