Another Nice Salad For Lunches or Picnics
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First I would like to share a GREAT news!!!!  My 3 months vegan challenge is over… and I did not cheat ONCE!!!!  AND…..  I decided to become VEGAN forever!!!

It was not has difficult as I first imagined it would be…  of course the first 2 weeks were (remember the cookie craving.. the sugar craving… )…. but then, once well organized, I managed quite well… and I am honestly not missing any of those animal products!!!  Of course I started from being vegetarian….  so it was not so much of a change….  but still….

ALSO, my husband, who became vegetarian when I did, almost 6 years ago, to support me and me health challenge (for more about this have a look here) could not become vegan… so he said…  but a week ago, on the very last week of my challenge he decided to give it a try too!!!  I am really exited about this!!!

Today’s recipe is a modification of last week’s salad.. just to show that sometimes, when you want to create a variety of salad for  pic-nic or when people are coming over, it is not very difficult, you play around with a few ingredients and that is it!!!

I am reusing the same dressing:  olive oil, vinegar, agave nectar, salt, pepper and chili flakes

the same orzo… and walnuts

but I added, black beans, olives, yellow bell pepper and green bell pepper….

of course any other vegetables would also do…. adding some tomatoes and cucumber would also be great!!!  Can you even imagine some corn???  Yummy!!!

You could also serve this salad on some mix greens…

There is no end to where you imagination can bring you when it comes to vegan cooking!!!

So use your imagination and happy vegan cooking!!!
love and peace,

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