Baked Sweet Potatoes and Carrots
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As most north American that are now vegan/vegetarian… I was not born or raised that way!  We had to eat meat to get protein!!!  Lots of it!!! I decided to become vegetarian almost 6 years ago and have been on and off vegan over the last year…
I am really happy I made that change! It truly did change my health… as I explain in my book “Life Happens”
If there is one thing I regret is to not have made the switch earlier…  not for me but for my son… When I was pregnant, I could not stand the smell or taste of meat…  and as a result, my son, HATED meat when he was a kid… but people kept telling me that he NEEDED meat to grow… to be healthy… and being a new mom was so nerve racking that I FORCED him to love meat!!!  Boy do I regret THAT!!!

Meat and dairy being so addictive, in the end he ended up liking it!  Mostly due to the fat and salt in it….  but still…  try explaining to a 8 years old kid that he’s to be off meat as of now!!!  Not easy…. especially explaining it to his friend’s parent and the family…  so he’s had his good days and bad days…. and now I could say that he’s 80% vegetarian…. getting there!

The biggest challenge is getting the surrounding convinced!  He’s ok with it … but sometimes he feels the pressure… and eat it!  but less and less…

I am  also trying to find different ways to have him eat more veggies… colorfull in season veggies….  being in Montreal (Canada), the choice of veggies this time of year is limited…  and having vegetable soup can become boring for a kid!

I have recently tried 2 recipes with very healthy, packed with vitamins vegetables, that are readily available in my area this time of year… and it was a success with my son!!  I was thrilled!  This can be used to replace the traditionnal “french fries” with veggie burger or sandwiches…

First recipe:  Baked sweet potatoes and carrots

peel and slice the sweet potatoes and carrots – as big or small as you wish - I like them julienne
pour a little olive oil over to slightly coat the vegetables
add a mixture of curry, parpika, onion powder, black pepper and mix well (the mixture is any proportion you like…. I put more curry  than paprika, not so much pepper)
bake in the oven at 425 for about 40-50 min depending on the size
add some salt to taste
serve hot and enjoy!

Second recipe:  Sautee beets and onion

finely chop the onion (if you want onion, the version without the onion is just as tasty!)
peel and dice the beets
sautte in vegan butter with sea salt to taste (I put very little)
sautte as long as the beets are cooked to your liking – depeding on size of cubes, it can take up to 45-50 min
serve hot and enjoy!!!

love and peace,

Submitted by our awesome guest blogger:  Nathalie.



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