BBQ Season is Coming!
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BBQ Season is Coming! | Vegan Restaurant Finder

Hello Dear Readers!

As time goes by, BBQ season is getting closer and closer. It may even have started depending on where you guys are from! (or perhaps never stopped!)

As a vegetarian, BBQ season is not so bad. You just need to use veggie burgers or veggie dogs! Or perhaps grill some marinated tofu!  However, as vegans I feel it is more complicated because all of the salads ALSO need to be vegan and therefore not have any mayo and/or cheese!  When you have a BBQ, you don’t want to complicate your life too much and just enjoy time with your guests!  Now what happens when your guests are not all vegan?!?

It can be complicated to ask them to bring a salad to share.  You might not know what’s in it!  Or they might not be sure what they can or cannot put in it!

Making any salad in a vegan and non-vegan version can take time!

What if I could propose to you a few salads that would be vegan approved AND taste great for non-vegans?!?

Wouldn’t that make your life simpler???

If I were to hold a BBQ this summer, aside from including veggie burgers and veggie dogs (there is absolutely no meat coming in through my door – not even for guests) I would probably have the following…

Vegan Salads:

1) Beet salad which I already posted here around the Holidays: grated beet, cucumber, tomatoes, kale or spinach, cranberries/raisins and sunflower seeds – covered with olive oil and balsamic vinegar

2) Warm Brussels Sprout Salad from last week – which by the way is just as delicious with roasted cabbage!

3) Potato salad - diced and cooked white potatoes, shallots, fake bacon bits and vegenaise from Earth Island, some mustard to taste and salt and pepper.

4) Cole slaw - grated carrots and cabbage, vegenaise from Earth Island, mustard, salt and pepper.

5) Pasta salad with corn, diced green, red and orange bell pepper, vegenaise and some chili powder to make it a little spicy!

I usually try not to push for a brand too much because what I like may not be what you like, but this time I want to push the Earth Island vegenaise. I have tried 3 different brands and honestly think this one is the best by far. The taste AND texture are great!  And it really does confuse non-vegans who have asked me “are you sure you can eat that? I think there is real mayo in it…”  Isn’t that awesome??? Even your pickiest non-vegan friends will love your salad! Unless, they are just being annoying and not liking anything you make because it is “vegan” and they know it!  I did meet a few people like that…sad but true!

And last but not least, I would definitely have LOADS of kale chips ready! It took me a while before trying to make them, but now I found the perfect combination to make them crunchy and not burned. I can’t stop making them!

Kale Chips- How To: 

1. Cut up some kale and remove the stems

2. Massage in a little olive oil

3. Sprinkle salt and nutritional yeast

4. Mix well and put on a baking sheet

In a oven preheated to 250F, bake the chips for 18 minutes!  For my oven, this is the perfect timing!!! They are REALLY crunchy!

On that note, have a wonderful BBQ season!

If you want to know more about the nutritional benefits of kale, you can check it out on my blog:

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