Being Vegan & Minimalist
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Fruits and vegetables


I am so blessed with my life. I have many new exiting projects I am working on. All of them I can’t quite mention here just yet, but 2 of them are okay for me to announce.  I am working on and will be releasing an ebook on veganism by mid-end February and at the same time I will be launching a 21 days vegan challenge. Ideally on my veganniversary!

I must say that being vegan is not always easy in our society.  By being vegan I do not mean following a vegan-diet but being a strict vegan who does not use any animal product.  Being ethical has a price, literally!!!  I find that a vegan diet can actually be cheaper than most other types of diets. If you try and be a strict vegan, you avoid ALL animal products. That includes glycerin,  whey protein, milk fat, honey, silk, wool, feather, down, fur…etc.   Have you ever really paid attention to the labels/ingredient lists of what you buy??? Most times you end up paying more for any product that is vegan approved because not enough people buy them. We need more of us!!!

Leather and wool are found in many places. Not only for winter gears, but in many type of sports gear or camping gear. I found that price used to be a good indication. Leather and wool would be more expensive than “fake” leather and wool, but it is not so much the case.  The real stuff has become cheaper, while the fake stuff has become more expensive.  The issue with all those animal products being cheaper and cheaper is that more and more people buy them. Unfortunately, this really makes me sad.

Even down and fur that used to be found in expensive winter gear are now sometimes found in very average priced items. When I used to buy stuff because they had “fake” down and fur, I sometimes found the real stuff.  It makes it even more difficult for vegans to shop!

Don’t even get me started with stuff like glycerin that they add to soap.  Why would I want to clean myself with animal fat???

And the one that makes me angry is whey protein or milk fat that they add to cookies, dark chocolate, hot chocolate and the like.

Why does it seem to be so important to add some piece of an animal to EVERYTHING…

Did you know that even some maple syrup and wine are not vegan??? THAT really was a shock to me.

And don’t even get me started with everything that is animal tested. The list goes on forever. I know that most vegans draw the line somewhere, but where?  I am still working on that.

This is why I think that being minimalist really does help with being vegan. To me they go hand in hand. If I buy less, I  have less chances of buying something that is not-vegan where any animal had to suffer. I am also sending out the message that I want out, out of this madness. The more vegans there are, the more the message will become loud and clear.

For that, I need inspiration sometimes. The world we live in is go-go-go, buy-buy-buy and it drives me nuts. It’s so easy to fall off the wagon.  One person that inspires me most is John Robbins.  I read a few of his books, but my favorites are “The Food Revolution” and “Healthy at 100.” I am currently reading “The New Good Life,” which also seems excellent.  If you are a minimalist vegan like me, read his books.  He will inspire you. Check out my Facebook page and join my community.

Life Happens: Living a Healthy Life Despite a Chronic Illness” is available here:

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