Extreme Heat and Not Cooking
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Hello my friends!

I have to confess that I haven’t done anything special in the kitchen recently.  We are having a heat wave here in Montreal and the heat with the humidity reaches anywhere between 38 and 42 Celcius.  At night when the sun is down it almost doesn’t change anything, we get to 33 Celcius with humidity!  Montreal is hard to understand weather wise for those who do not live here. We can have extreme cold as low as  -40 Celcius with the windshield (and no it is not exaclty like the north pole!)  We can have huge snowstorms with 37 cm of snow (that is a lot) and even for us used to the snow it causes many problems.  It can also rain for several days.  We technically have 4 seasons but we tend to have less and less of a fall and spring.  However, this year we did have a spring and my son who is 12 years old was wondering what that was!  He can’t remember the last time we actually had a REAL spring that was rainy, windy and not so warm. Quite frankly, even I had trouble remembering at first that this weather was spring!!  For the longest time people here were complaining that summer was not here, and now they complain that it is too hot!  Then again, these are the same people complaining that winter is too cold while spring and fall are too rainy.  Climate here is the number one subject of discussion for most, and this makes me really sad!!  All one needs to do is adapt themselves, and I find that adapting is easier since I am vegan.  My body tolerates the heat much better, and also with the cold!  Also, being vegan,  I have great options for healthy meals besides hot dogs and hamburgers on the BBQ, which are awful for your digestive system in that heat anyway (or should I say always – if they are not vegan!)

In order to adapt, because no, I do not have air conditioning (awful for the environment, makes you stay in because it’s cooler and is not essential for a few weeks per year of extreme heat that we have), I need to cook and bake less…

Therefore I eat lots of fruits, veggies, nuts and seeds.  I make avocado sandwiches, salads, but you already have all those recipes.  I also have 2 smoothies and 1 juice I like to make, and here they are:

Smoothie #1 (pictured above)


I love this smoothie because it hydrates you while it is sweet, refreshing and the cayenne increases your metabolism, which tends to slow down in heat.  This does not mean that you should eat more, just that what you eat will be digested properly!

Smoothie #2

Water or Coconut Water
Homemade Nuts, Protein Powder or Chia Seeds

I love this one because it is refreshing, creamy, filling, and rich in good fats and protein as well as vitamins, minerals and antioxidants! With a 16 oz portion I can go for many hours without being hungry.  Also, being blended makes it easier on your digestion system while still having all you need!



This is my favorite juice of all the juices I make.  I use it year round and it is indicated for those of you who have a problem absorbing iron (as per my ayurvedic practitioner.)  It is loaded with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and plus it has a wonderful color!!!  But you do need a good juicer for this one!

I use to dilute it because the taste can be quite strong, but I got used to the taste and I no longer need to!  It is an amazing juice and I feel like I never make enough!

Hope you will try and enjoy those quick recipes, they also are great by the beach or the pool!  But I live in the city and I have neither close by.  Enjoy!!
love and peace,


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