Fantom Greendrive External Hard Drive Review
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biggest hard drive drives are non-volatile, random-access magnetic data storage devices. They feature rotating rigid platters placed on motor-driven spindles within protective enclosures. Data is then read magnetically written to and read in the platter by write/read heads that are floating over the platters. First designed by IBM in the 1950s, hard drives have significantly become smaller plus much more affordable, while at the same time increasing capacity levels today. Hard drives are typically placed inside a computer but increasing dependence on portable storage devices gave birth to external drives.

Intel has relied mostly on Marvel controller his or her main choice within the last years since the birth with the X25-M; it does not take most efficient out there and not a speed demon. We see it last of their previous 510 series, Intel waited for your SandForce SF-2281 to have fully mature before they finally made a decision to jump in it. Unquestionably, it is the reigning king of the hill when it comes to speed; because of this , why the easiest SSD’s today hook onto it for example the famous OCZ Vertex 3.

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What I like about it portable drive is that it keeps cool and quiet after I transfer a bunch of files for over around 30 minutes rather than decreases. Despite of its glossy plastic casing, this is cooler than my older external drives that uses a metal case to transfer the heat that serves as the heatsink. This one will be the latest from western digital and very quickly took over as best seller portable external hard drive.

This product is useful for casual users but isn’t that great for official purposes or storage of sensitive data. Also, it is a bit over priced for its limited features and low data writing speed; extremely effective hard disk drives of other brands can be found at a comparable price. The data reading speed is superb though. Overall, this is the decent external hard disk that serves its basic intent behind data storage well, but doesn’t provide any other amazing features.

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