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Healthy Junk is located on Center Street Promenade near Anaheim Ice, formerly known as Disney Ice in the heart of Downtown Anaheim. Once you arrive, you are at a quaint indoor/outdoor food court. The ambience inside and out of Healthy Junk is peaceful, upbeat, and very hipster.

This is a green, vegan/vegetarian walk up eatery. The menu is broken down into categories, such as “Green Stuff” or salads, “Snack Junk” or appetizers, “Junky Tex-Mex” or Tex-Mex inspired food, and even “Buns with Junk,” or sandwiches/burgers, “Besides Water” or juices/smoothies, and Healthy Junk even offers two desserts, one of them a carrot cake called “Bunny Cake.” There are many specials to choose from throughout the week, and they do alternate the specials board often. The specials are usually groundbreaking veganized firsts such as “Chik’n” Noodle Soup, and even Mexican Pozole! There is always something new to look forward to. I have arrived on two occasions, and Healthy Junk cashiers were passing out “Green Banana” Juice samples to their customers. There is no actual table waiting service; however that is common with many new vegan/vegetarian eateries in Southern California. Healthy Junk does deliver your food order to you, as well as check on you. The cashiers are very nice, and get through long lines with ease.


I would recommend most of the menu options I have tried. I loved the Chinese Chick Salad, it reminded me of a Chinese Chicken Salad I had before I went vegan, even down to the dressing. This alone will have me coming back as a customer for a long time. I also had the pleasure of trying the La Fajita option, and glad I did. It has been years since I had fajitas, and it was a great experience, down to the fresh personalized pico de gallo, corn tortillas, and black beans. I loved the Green Banana Juice special, and would order a juice from this place. I also tried the Philly Chez Stake, which was great, but alas I am not a cheese fan, real or vegan. I just had to try, because I never even had a real cheese steak. There are things on the menu I am dying to try, such as the Mango Tango Salad, Curly Yam Fries, and Bunny Cake, just to name a few. I plan to devour the entire menu, and specials.













I wouldn’t call this place “clean eating,” as that would imply the food is inexplicably health related, simply because it is vegan. It is definitely a vegan’s guilty pleasure, since all the menu options offered are typically not served in the vegan diet let alone vegetarian fashion. However, it is definitely the leaner, and more animal friendly, not to mention earth conscious route to go in terms of classic menu options at a tradition restaurant.

Would I recommend this place to a vegan or vegetarian? 100%! Would I recommend this place to a family looking to go vegan/vegetarian/cleaner eating/meatless Monday style? 110%! You can’t lose! It’s a must try!


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