Hippie Stew
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hippie stew

Hello lovely vegan food lovers!!!

I hope you are having a wonderful week so far…  I know I am!!!
If you are in the USA, Thanksgiving is coming up.  As vegans it may be challenging, especially if you also have non-vegan visitors and you’re like me, refusing any meat inside your home! (I still accept cheese inside my home, even though I don’t eat it,  for visitors.  Nothing else from animals, and meat was banished years ago!)

I have a non-vegan and kids-approved meal for you.  Plus, it’s easy to cook in a large quantity and it’s fairly simple so you can welcome your guests by filling the house with a delicious smell…  isn’t that lovely?  You can even cook it before-hand and freeze it for when you need it! (In case you may want to use your oven on the very same day for baking or roasting vegetables!

This recipe has it’s origin in the hippie movement and was cooked in huge batches, originally with lamb, but since it was veganized we can also enjoy this hearth warming meal.
Ingredients for hippie stew:
2 cups red lentils
8 cups vegetable broth of your choice
3 carrots diced
1 small turnip diced
1.5 lb of diced potatoes
1 medium onion
3 bay leaves
salt and pepper


Put all ingredients in a pot that can handle the oven.  Put in oven at 275F for about 6 hours.  About every 2 hours, take out and mix ingredients.  Let cool down at room temperature in the same pot for about 2 hours – this will allow for the remaining excess liquid to be absorbed.

This is delicious with fresh bread.  It is very nutritious and filling, full of vitamins, minerals, fibers and protein. – all you need to stay warm in the colder months, and it is super cheap!   With this quantity I can feed roughly 8-10 people (if they eat no more than my family does) and the cost with organic ingredients not on sale was $7, therefore roughly less than $1 per portion.  With the stew, bread, condiments, a side salad and dessert, everyone is happy – including the host who did not end up with a big hole in their budget!

A perfect side salad would be with grated beets, kale, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, sunflower seeds and some oil and vinegar – delicious and also very nutritious.
I could also see a side of my roasted cauliflower which I gave you the recipe before.

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