How Green Is Your Order Marijuana Online?
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Speed Weed, once touted as the largest medical marijuana delivery service in Los Angeles, has agreed to shut down its L.A. operations, the City Attorney’s Office announced today.

City Attorney Mike Feuer says that voter-approved Proposition D does not allow delivery services in town. “There is no lawful delivery service under Proposition D,” he once said.

His office has targeted two of the largest delivery services around, Nestdrop and Speed Weed, and both have now fallen.

Speed Weed, which proclaimed, “We follow the law,” has “entered into a judicially enforced agreement to shutter their operations in the city of Los Angeles effective June 6, 2016,” the City Attorney’s Office said in a statement.

“Since at least July, 2014, Speed Weed allegedly has operated a sophisticated and wide-ranging marijuana distribution and delivery service,” the office states. “Customers order marijuana online or over the telephone and have it delivered within approximately one hour from one of multiple delivery centers throughout the Los Angeles area.”

While Nestdrop claimed as a legal defense its existence as a technological platform that simply pairs delivery drivers, patients and legit dispensaries, city prosecutors alleged that Speed Weed has its own distribution centers from which its product was delivered.

“Unlike Nestdrop, SpeedWeed does not claim they are only a platform to connect with pre-existing delivery services,” City Attorney’s spokesman Frank Mateljan told us earlier this year. “We allege SpeedWeed both sells and delivers marijuana and is comprised of a number of related corporate entities controlled by the same individual defendants. We allege SpeedWeed violates Proposition D by illegally delivering marijuana and also by using multiple non-immune physical locations within the city as distribution centers for these deliveries.”

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