Interview With Founder of Vegan Restaurant Finder – Eric Sachs
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My name is Orazio Tartaglia and I’m a new vegan in Boston, Ma.  I started a blog a few weeks ago called Guy Goes Vegan to help other guys either thinking about going vegan or that have gone vegan by sharing helpful tips and resources.

One of the sites I quickly stumbled upon in my journey was Vegan Restaurant Finder.  An awesome site that helps you find vegan friendly restaurants near you and provides pictures, menus, hours, pricing and reviews from other vegans!

I reached out to Eric Sachs who started Vegan Restaurant Finder and asked if he’d be open to share his experiences with being vegan.  After our call we both agreed that our conversation would be helpful for some of his readers and that I would write a guest blog post for him that would highlight our conversation.  So without further ado here is my interview with Eric!

When did you become a vegan and why?

Interview With Founder of Vegan Restaurant Finder – Eric Sachs | Vegan Restaurant Finder's Blog

Eric: About 3 years ago.  I was overweight and had very high cholesterol and blood pressure.  I ate your traditional American diet of hamburgers, pizza, fast food etc. and realized that if I wanted to avoid my family’s history of heart disease I need to make a drastic change.

One day I started flipping through Netflix and started watching some documentaries on food and health (Forks over knives, Food Inc., and Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead) and decided that I would try adopting a whole food, plant based vegan diet.  I got so jazzed up from the videos that I went out and bought a juicer and did that for about 4 days before going completely vegan.

In about 6 weeks I had lost 35 pounds and significantly reduced both my blood pressure and cholesterol!  I honestly haven’t given veganism a second thought since then.

What was the biggest challenge you faced when you started off?

Eric: The biggest for me was finding ways to support my diet around my wife and family.  My wife didn’t adopted veganism so often times for dinner we were cooking two meals.  One that included meat for her and the kids and another that was vegan friendly and included something like tofu.  Eventually we found our rhythm but it took some time.  The same goes for things like friendly get-togethers, bbq’s, and birthdays.  It can be inconvenient at times to be at events like these when you’re a vegan but now a days they make a vegan substitutes for nearly everything that make it a lot easier.

Do you have a favorite vegan restaurant?

Eric: Whole Foods is such an awesome resource for vegans.  They have so many vegan options it will make your head spin.  Things like vegan pizza and sliced deli “meat” like Tofurky.

Hugo’s, Real Food Daily, and Veggie Grill are all awesome spots in California that I love too.

Do you have a go-to dish you like to make at home?

Eric: Probably stir-fry.  It’s just easy to throw in some fresh veggies, teriyaki, some kind of vegan meat like tofu, satay, or tempeh and sauté that up. My wife makes some great vegan enchiladas too!

Tip or suggestions for someone that is considering a vegan diet?

Eric: I guess I would say watch some documentaries to start.  I obviously found those helpful.

I would also say to check out all the vegan substitutes that are out there.  They’ll definitely help you get over the no more meat and cheese hurdle.

A lot of people ask me about cost too. Yea it can be expensive to eat vegan, especially if you’re eating fresh organic foods, but isn’t the investment in your health worth the few extra bucks?


If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below.


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