Many Uses for Pillsbury Croissants
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Many Uses for Pillsbury Croissants | Vegan Restaurant Finder


School is almost over! Summer will be here shortly! If you’re like me and you love your kid(s) to have friends over, but refuse to have meat or non-vegan food in your home, then here are a few alternatives that will please even non-vegan friends!

First off, when I want to do this I skip the weird/typical vegan stuff and use the alternatives that are more common and more likely to please kids growing up in a non-vegetarian or non-vegan home.

Of course I would have plenty of fruits and veggies with dip.

Dip can easily be done using Vegenaise and ketchup. Kids just love it! You can also add a little mustard or a dash of cayenne for a spicier taste.

One salad my son loves is macaroni with veggies.  I make it with cucumber, celery, bell pepper and olives. I also add Vegenaise with sunflower seeds.

Did you know that Pillsbury croissants are vegan by mistake???  Well they are and they actually taste great! Of course they are processed, but kids (and even adults) do love the convenience and taste. Let’s be honest, processed stuff is okay once in a blue moon.

I would use the croissants for two main things besides having them plain:

1) Croissant Dog (like in the picture above)

-Open package

-Roll up a St-Yves vegan hot dog sausage

-Cook as per directions

-Serve with a smile of mustard or vegan BBQ sauce! Kids will love it!

2) Pizza Pocket

-Open package

-Separate dough to make square (using 2 triangles not separated)

-Add homemade or store bought pizza sauce

-Add some Daiya shredded mozzarella and make sure dough is tightly closed so there will be no leaks

-Cook as per directions!

-Make sure you allow for sufficient time to cool down before serving because these stay warm for a long time.  You could even add some sliced up olives, finely chopped bell pepper and mushrooms.

There you go, vegan food that will please all of your kids friends…vegan or not! This won’t go against your values. More importantly, (to me anyway) your kid will eat the same food as everyone else  :-)

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