Mexican Quinoa
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Hello lovely vegan reader…

I am really exited about this post… because it is the last one before my vacation!!!  I will be more or less “off line” for 5 well deserved weeks.  No worries, I will however prepare one or two short posts for this blog before that… but in any case, I will be back with you after labor day on September 3rd!  I will then share with you my first vegan vacation!  And will check my hotmail and facebook account daily, just not as often!

Now for this week, this is a recipe close to the mexican rice I once posted….  but much more tasty and nutritious because it uses quinoa instead of rice! It comes from my dear friend Niki and since she has a slow cooker, she just throws everything in it and wait…. or should I say keeps busy on the threadmill, job hunting, moving, cleaning, and being sure supper will be done when she needs it while ejoying herself! Since I do not have a slow cooker, I adapted it (and probalby added or omitted something like I always do with recipes, but it turned out great!


Black Beans pre-cooked
Frozen Corn
Salsa (she uses canned tomatoes to put in the slow cooker but I did not have any and had left over salsa that I did not wanted to loose)
Chili Powder

In a pot, cook the quinoa with the cumin, coriander and chili powder.

In another pot, melt some vegan butter, toss in the corn and allow to thaw and warm up.  Add the black beans and cook a little more.  Add salsa and mix and warm up all the ingredients.

Once all is ready, serve on a plate the quinoa and the black bean mix.  I did side by side….  but you could also do a “mountain” of quinoa on top of the black bean mix.

You can serve this with guacamole and corn chips, you could top with a “cheese” sauce, or you could even sprinkle nutritional yeast directly into the bean mix for added nutritional value. You could add bell pepper to the black bean mix or use a mix of white and red beans along with the black.  You can basically play with this indefinitely, the black bean mixture would go well on tortilla chips… I’ve got to stop and let you breathe!

Don’t forget the margaritas, especially if you’re doing this over the weekend by the pool!

There you go!  Enjoy the Mexican feast, and if you do look at my previous posts I think there are also mexican rice and burritos…  you could have a Mexican fiesta this weekend!!!

love and peace,


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