Mexican Rice
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As you may have noticed by now…  I like to eat from a bowl!!!  Having all my food in one recipient and for it to be complete makes my day!!!  It makes clean up easily… and also you can pack left over for lunch the next day more easily!!!
I also to like to have frozen cooked rice and cooked legumes… it mixes easily for a fast and nutritious supper if you just add vegetables!!!  Last night was one of those nights… got home late and did not know what to make so it ended up being Mexican night,  I made an easy to put together mexican rice!

Took out some frozen rice and red kidney beans and let them thaw.


olive oil
cooked brown rice
cooked red kidney beans or black beans – or a mix of both
orange and red bell pepper (could also use other colors….)
yellow sweet corn (frozen)
salsa (homemade preferably if not I like to use Old El Paso)
chili pepper flake to taste
salt to taste

Very simple instructions!

Warm up the oil in a pan and once warm add the bell pepper and toss for a few minutes.  Add the corn and mix.  Add the rice and beans and toss some more untill all ingredients are warm.  Add the salsa and mix everything up and allow to warm up to desire temperature.  Add chili pepper flakes and salt.  Serve hot!

I like to serve this dish with mashed avocado…  either to eat a a side order or to mix up in the rice,  if the rice is too spicy it tones down the spices and make the rice creamier!!!

It would also be wonderful with tortilla chips!  And perhaps some vegan sour cream… that I did not have!
Enjoy mexican night at your place too…
love and peace,


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