My Dog Ate My Shirt and I Still Love Her
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My animals.  I love them dearly, but I freely admit, it’s often lucky for them that they can run faster scared than I can angry.  Like the time that my dog Lola chewed up and almost ate my brand new dress shirt.  Or how about my cat, Curly, who peed on my new faux leather sofa which stunk of his special “Eau du Toilette”?


But you know what?  Lola follows me from room to room, and waits for me on my side of the bed when I’m not home.  Curly jumps onto my lap and gives me headbutts of love early in the morning when I’m at the computer.  I can’t look at any animal and not see feelings and a connection in their eyes.


People ask me why I became a vegan.  We’ve all probably used the stock answers:  health, environment, animal welfare.  I honestly can’t think of a good reason to eat meat, but I really can’t separate my feelings for my animals with a piece of dead animal on my plate.  It makes me think of the novel “Wicked”, where it was illegal to eat animals that could talk.


My animals talk to me.  Whether it’s “I’m going to meow loudly in the middle of the night just to see if you’re awake!”, or “I thought you wanted me to eat your sandal!”.  I hear them.  I hear Lola say “Thank God you’re home!  I missed you so much in the 10 minutes you were gone!!”, or His Highness Curly’s “I will allow you to love me now.”  I think that’s the turning point for a lot of animal lovin’ veggie-types:  how can I eat this angus burger and then give my dog a belly rub?  How could I let my kid chow on bacon and then let her connect with the chickens and goats at the petting zoo?


Yes, my animals send me up the crazy river without a paddle sometimes.  They give back, too though.  Whether it’s the slobber covered tennis ball dropped onto my new skirt, or half a mouse present Curly put on my pillow once, they remind me that these sensitive, fun loving (and sometimes mischief-making) creatures deserve love, too.


Peace, Greens & Beans,



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