One Month Vegan and Vegan Mexican Rice
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Hello friends!!!

I would like to share with you the fact that yesterday marked my 1 month being vegan!!! Aside from the first week where I was craving cookies, it is smooth sailing… much easier than I assumed it would be based on my last year’s experience!  I guess this time I am really ready for it…  and I also found a bunch of delicious recipes that my husband and son (who are vegetarians that do not want to give up cheese) also LOVE!!!  Without having to add cheese to it…  YES!!!!  At first it was a 3 months challenge…. and already, I am thinking of not going back to vegetarian and staying vegan forever!

My facebook vegan friends pointed me to a few “regular” sweet items that are accidentally vegan:  Oreo’s, Fudgee’o, Twizzler and Skittles!  Of course you cannot live off of those…  but having a regular snack or treat once in a while does help transitioning…  just like fake meat helps transition from carnivore to vegetarian…  and I use them less and less…. so I am sure I will “depend” on those sweet acidentally vegan treats less and less…  small steps!!!  I know I repeat this a LOT, but it just makes any transition so much more sustainable.  When you choose to make a major change to your life, you’re better off giving yourself the tools to succeed and these are my tools.

Here’s one recipe my son and husband love:  Vegan Mexican Rice

And by the way…. did you know that most mexican food does not typically include meat?  It’s just the American version that puts meat everywhere…. so many people in Mexico cannot affort meat so they normally use beans in burritos, fajitas, tacos…  and meat on occasion!


Cooked rice (brown or in this case I used white basmati rice that is very good to balance you doshas in Ayurveda)
Cooked black beans (you can also use red kidney beans)
Bell pepper any color you like… I had orange and yellow
Frozen sweet corn
Salsa (spicy as you wish – I like medium) Preferably homemade but in this case I used one I bought at the store
Canola oil

In canola oil, warm up the pepper and corn, mixing well for about 3-4 minutes…. more if you like your pepper to be not crunchy.
Add cooked rice and mix furthermore to break up lumps.  Add black bean and mix…  keep warming up and mixing for 6-7 minutes at medium heat.  When all ingredients are warmed up, add salsa and allow to blend in and warm up too.  Serve hot and enjoy!

Serving tips:

When serving you can add warmed up in the oven soft totillas, homemade guacamole or just an avocado.
It can be a side dish with tacos, burritos, fajitas or even a meal in itself!

This recipe takes roughly 15 minutes to prepare if rice, beans and salsa are already cooked.
I used rice and beans that were batch cooked and frozen a few weeks ago, pulled them out of the freezer to thaw in the morning and when I got home I was ready to cook supper!
I also used left over salsa from last week that was bought for my vegan burritos.
And used the left over soft tortillas that I warmed up in the oven with vegan butter spread on them… I like to put some rice on the tortillas while I am eating!
We ate the rice as a main meal…  it is nutritious enough!

As always, I am looking for your feedback…  questions and comments!
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love and peace,


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