Orzo and Chickpea Salad
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I usually have a hard time figuring out what to make for lunches for my husband and I…  my husband sticks to sandwiches and I usually grab hummus, pitas, fruits, vegetables and nuts… or whatever I can find…  sometimes it is not enough… sometimes not well equilibrated… and I hate it!!!   Also, you can’t eat the same thing over and over again…  first it gets boring  and second you can be deficient in something!!!

I am starting to try and make salads that contain all we need…  for example, this week I combined two salad recipes I had at home to make the one I share with you now.  My husband says, and I quote:  “it’s the best salad in the universe”  OK, he may not be objective about it… but I am not sure if it’s his love for me or the chick peas that makes him non-objective!!!  I will share the recipe with you, you try it… and let me know!


Cooked orzo
Cooked chickpeas (garbanzo beans)
Cherry tomatoes sliced
Cucumber diced in small pieces
Spinach cut to your liking

Proportions can be anything you like…  depending on your preference for salty or sweet… crunchy or soft!  Because yes, this salad is all that!  And spicy with the dressing!

For the dressing, I made one up with olive oil and white wine vinegar in equal amounts…  some agave nectar, salt, pepper and chili flakes!

Now, instructions are quite simple…  mix all ingredients and add dressing only a few hours before serving!!!  Mix well and enjoy!!!

There it is, quite simple, and you can add or omit anything you like….  but it may no longer be the best salad in the universe!!!  Especially if you omit chickpeas!

I have had that for lunch 2 days in a row…  and I still love it!!!

Hope you’ll enjoy it!
love and peace,


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