Putanesca Sauce
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We’ll we’re starting a new month today. October is a milestone for me; it marks my first MS crisis in 1997, my MS diagnosis in 2003, my first job loss in 2006, becoming vegetarian in 2007, the decision to go carless in 2012 and believe it or not at the end of the month I will be out of a job!  Now some of these may seem like “bad” stuff, but actually it turned out pretty good from a distance.  You know, everything happens for a reason…  you just need to find what it is!

So here’s my recipe for today, putanesca sauce inspired by Kathy Freston’s recipe.  However, since I am unable to follow ANY recipe, it is somewhat different!


chopped garlic to taste
chopped kalamata olives to taste
chopped green olives to taste
(I just realized at the time of writing this that chopped onion would do wonders to that recipe)
can of crushed tomatoes
olive oil
chili flakes to taste
salt and pepper to taste – be careful with salt, I find olives to be salty enough so I really do not add much of it
nutritional yeast to taste

In a pot, warm up the olive oil, add the garlic (and onion if using) and wait a few minutes (do not let turn brown).  Add the olives and let warm up and soften, add the chili flakes, salt and pepper and mix well.  Add the crushed tomatoes and mix, cover and let simmer for 10 minutes mixing occasionnally.

Serve on cooked pasta of your choice, sprinkle with nutritional yeast and maybe decorate with an olive or 2!

and quite frankly, this is even better the next day…  warmed up in a pan with the sauce already mixed with the pasta… as you can see in the picture above!!!

I love tomato sauce but I get bored of the traditional one… adding olives to it is an excellent idea!

Hope you’ll enjoy!

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love and peace,
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