Review: So Delicious Coconut Milk Nog
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Happy Holidays everyone! Hope everyone is having a good time planning all their incredible traditional Thanksgiving meals, and possibly even starting their own Thanksgiving traditions with their new families, friends, or even lifestyles.

I remember the first Thanksgiving I was a vegan, and it was very exciting for me. I felt it was a new beginning, and a chance to try new holiday treats. I find the vegan diet to be a completely tasty and healthy choice for me, but sometimes I still miss old favorites. Know the feeling? Ten years ago, all of us vegetarians just went without the usual goodies everyone else ate. Times have changed, and pretty much anything can be made vegan, as I have discovered along the way in my journey of being vegetarian.

One of my favorite specialty stores to shop at is Sprouts. Sprouts carries an abundance of vegan, vegetarian, organic, and gluten free products. As I was working my way through the store, I came across the “dairy” section. There was So Delicious Nog Coconut Milk, and as a former egg nog lover I had to try it.

So Delicious Dairy Free Nog Coconut Milk has the benefits of coconuts, and the delicious flavor of nog. Coconuts can help reduce the risk of osteoporosis, since coconuts are high in calcium, similar to its dairy counterparts.

Since I love coconuts, coconut milk, and egg nog, I figured this would be very tasty. I poured a Christmas mug of nog, and sat back with an episode of Desperate Housewives. What could be better?

So Delicious Dairy Free Nog Coconut Milk is thick in texture just like egg nog, and the color is identical as well. I can even see and taste little flecks of nutmeg, just like my Grandma used to make. I honestly can barely identify the difference between this delectable coconut nog versus egg nog. I actually like this better, but I love coconuts. It tastes sweeter, and is better for you than egg nog. If you aren’t vegan, I still highly recommend. To those who are lactose intolerant looking for a great option to pair with your brandy nog concoction this Christmas, I recommend this. So Delicious Dairy Free Nog Coconut Milk also comes in two other flavors, Mint Chocolate and Pumpkin Spice. I definitely wish to create a nog cocktail recipe using one of the three flavors on my food channel. I am head over heels. Happy Holidays!

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