Rubbing Off On People Vs Rubbing It In
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My mother used to say “You can catch more bees with honey than you can with vinegar.”  Ain’t it the truth?  I normally prefer the gentler approach. Besides, if you push too hard, you push away.


In this small town, we have a number of loved ones, and not a single veggiesaurus in the lot.  There’s still lots of veggie love in our home when we entertain, though.  Our friends and family never leave hungry and if any were skeptical, none leave worried that we’re slowly starving ourselves or our daughter.  I’m normally asked for recipes, too!


My 20 year old nephew stayed with us for a few months.  He ate our meals, but is by no means a vegetarian.  On a recent visit back home to Texas, his Mom was pleasantly surprised at a sudden penchant for salads and cooked vegetables.  This is a fast food boy, tried and true!  We ordered in Chinese recently, and he said, “Yum, those stir fried veggies look awesome!”  Then a thoughtful pause.  “Huh.  Never thought I’d say something like that looked good!”


When two foster kids around my daughter’s age stayed with us, they came to us with very little if any experience with a vegetable unless it came in the shape of a french fry.  Toward the end of her stay, I remember the older one saying, as she helped me pack her lunch with carrot sticks, “Because carrots are healthy for you, right, Ginger?”  That’s right, kid.


I ran into a friend who says she’s now vegan during the week only, as if that was something to apologize for.  I say, good for you!  That some people want to change at all by choosing a meatless Monday meal, going veg for a meal or a day or a week, or adding fresh vegetable juices to their diet is a powerful thing!  Like Daniel Vitalis (, guest star of “Hungry For Change” said, “The good stuff eventually crowds out the bad stuff anyway.”


I won’t rub our diet in your face.  I won’t regale you with horrifying factory farm stories.  But if you come over, I’ll feed you well, you’ll leave with a satisfied tummy, and understand that those of us from the planet Vegan, aren’t so different after all.  Small steps or great leaps:  the goal is health and happiness.  My hope is that we will all get there, at our own pace.


Peace, Greens & Beans,


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“Be the change you want to see in the world” – Mahatma Gandhi

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