Seasons 52 Review
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Long long ago in a city far from home I found a restaurant that served my needs and was quite tasty.  I left the city of Chicago to travel with my husband to Ft. Lauderdale, a city rich in culture, food and people but not well versed in food allergies.  I came upon empty stares and looks of derision when I asked if they had a vegan gluten-free menu.  I would have settled for one item, but was not so lucky.   Until I went to a mall and fell upon Seasons 52 I was destined to starve or worse yet, lose weight (kidding, would have loved it!!)

There was one item on the menu that I could indulge in and it was so delicious I wanted to go back and eat it again and again.  The quinoa (in the glass) was served cold with a slice of watermelon (yeah, I found that strange too.) and it was lightly seasoned with salt and pepper.  On the plank the tofu was baked with mango chutney and it was amazing.  The rest of the plate contained grilled tomato and mushrooms and crunchy broccolini.  The corn slaw was unique in flavor as I could not distinguish it from some sort of vinegar that I felt was aged and sweet.  The little bowl contained black beans and mozzarella which I left alone though it looked really tempting.

I am sure Ft. Lauderdale has many vegan gluten-free restaurants and I jest about the city not being allergy friendly but none of the restaurants were near my hotel and since I was at a conference I did not have much of a chance to check around.  I was fortunate in my one quest to the mall I found Seasons 52 and dined with gusto!!



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