The Wonderful World of CSA’s
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I love food.  I love trying new ingredients, new recipes, and I especially love going to the Farmer’s Market and experiencing all of the colours, textures and flavours to be found, especially around harvest season.


My family and I are very lucky to live in Southwestern Ontario.  What that means is that we have access to an amazing array of fresh vegetables and fruits.  It’s awesome.  We’re also lucky enough to have our own local Farmer’s Market.


But what if you can’t make it to the market on a Saturday morning?  Maybe you don’t like crowds, maybe you like to sleep in.  Maybe you’re just not sure what to buy, or are intimidated in these bustling markets to ask what “that” is and how to cook “it”!  Solution:  Community Supported Agriculture, or C.S.A.


These are farmers who sell you a “share” of their crop.  So, normally once a week through the harvest season you collect your bounty (whatever the farmers could harvest that week).  We belong to the Bentum Family Farm C.S.A. (, and through James & Catherine we receive such a variety of delights:  tomatoes, kale, salad greens, cabbage, squash, zucchini – it’s so varied it’s hard to remember it all, and more than enough to feed three hungry herbivores!


CSA’s offer so much!  You get to:

  • Eat Locally, enjoying a variety of really fresh, seasonal vegetables & fruits
  • Feel like you’re really part of a community
  • Support your Farmers
  • Meet like-minded food lovers
  • Teach your kids about how this yummy food ended up on their plate
  • Maybe even get to be an occasional farm-hand!








One of the best things about being in a CSA is working with foods you might not have a whole lot of experience with.  You might even discover a new love.  I didn’t even know until the CSA that my daughter is crazy for leeks!


Look it up!  Check what’s available locally, and if you’re lucky enough to find one, don’t miss this golden (dare I say GREEN) opportunity!  The quality, the variety, the absolute knowing where your food comes from:  you’ll never look at food in the grocery store the same way again.


Peace, Greens & Beans,



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