Vegan “Beef” and Barley Soup
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Vegan "Beef" and Barley Soup | Vegan Restaurant Finder

This week’s recipe is inspired from my pre-vegetarian days…    I use to love beef and barley soup… as a matter of fact I love soup!!!  I think it is just perfect for cold week days supper…  where you have no time to cook extensively!!!

Let me explain to you why soup is so GREAT!!!

First of all, you can prepare a huge batch over the week end… therefore you have enough for several meals!!!  You can even freeze left over for another week when life gets busy and you did not plan any meal!!! Or in lunch containers to bring to work if you happen to use a microwave – which I don’t!
It includes everything!!!  Your vitamins, your fibers, your protein!!!
It can be varied from time to time and still tastes great!
It pleases everyone – young and old alike!
It is simple to serve!
And, I must say it is very soothing…  relaxing…  calming…   Who does not feel better after a good soup???

Now back to this week’s recipe…. being vegetarian and part-time vegan is GREAT!!!  I feel much better physically… and I look great!!!  But I did miss this beef and barley soup…. I tried many vegetarian and vegan version  and was always disappointed!!!  But not with this one!!!  I made it up… actually mixing a few recipe I tried before and adding the taste I like to it!

I did not include any spices or herbs because the vegan beef stips, mushrooms, onions and celery already are tasty enough!  And I like to taste the individual items in a recipe…  but that is just me!  If you end up adding spices or herbs and it turns our great just let me know what you added…

Ingredients (qty varies according to your taste – I tend to put LOTS of mushroom and barley):

onion finely chopped
celery finely chopped
mushrooms finely chopped
your favorite vegan beef strips cut ins small pieces
vegetable stock

In a small amount of olive oil, cook the onion and celery for a few minutes.  Add the mushrooms and mix.  Allow the vegetables to cook for a few minutes untill the mushrooms start to become brown and shrink.  Add the barley and mix to coat each grain with the oil.  Add the desired quantity of water and vegetable stock.  Bring to a boil and reduce heat to simmer with cover on untill barley is cooked (about 50 min).  Add the cut vegan beef strip and allow to cook for 5 extra minutes.  Remove from heat and allow to “rest” at room temperture for 2-3 hours – this will allow all the different taste to mix uniformely and for the soup to become more consistent.

You can serve immediately….  or keep it for the next meal!!!
Keeps well in the fridge for a few days or in the freezer for a few weeks!

This soup is amazing with fresh bread with vegan butter!!!


love and peace,




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