Vegan Day 12 and Cookies!
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As you may already know, I started on March 1st a vegan challenge – for 90 days I am 100% vegan.  After that I’ll see…  I did that last year and after the 90 days I went back to being vegetarian.. maybe 90% vegan!  The 10% was for me too difficult to handle!!!  At the time…  we’ll see how it goes this time around!

Now on day 12, I can say that it is smooth sailing….  I wouldn’t have said that last week!!! I was not doing so good and for a while even wonder if it was worth while!!!
I finnaly realized why….  on Saturday…  I was concentrating on the wrong things!!!  Instead of looking at the good reasons for doing it and what it will bring me, I was looking at all I was missing on!!!  Instead of looking at open doors, I was looking at the one that were closing!!!  I am usually not like that!  I wonder what happened?  I like to blame it on the end of the winter and the lack of sunlight which affects our morale greatly here in Montreal…  but in the end, it really has nothing to do with it!!! I just had to shift my way of looking at it!!!

So here are my reason to become vegan:

1) Deal with my MS (as talked about in ”Life Happens” ( dairy is just as bad for MS as is meat…  I need to put an end to eating cheese
2) Become healthier
3) Have better skin
4) Be leaner
5) Help put an end to animal cruelty
6) Help improve environmental conditions

Now what those past 12 days help me realize…  There isn’t much in regular store and restaurants for vegans!  I needed to adapt! I have to look at ingredients lists a LOT!!!  Sometimes animal product are hidden under names other than milk, cheese and eggs.  I am cooking a lot more at home…  I even made awesome cookies (recipe below).  If you look carefully enough, there is always somewhere you’ll find something to eat… therefore I am working on a list of places to hang out to close to my home! I also got use to have a vegan snack handy…  just in case…

It also brought me to realize that I am “addicted” to refined sugar… not really surprising I know but I did not realize it until now…  I honestly do not care so much for not eating cheese… even if I know it is addictive too… but SUGAR!  That I miss a lot….  so I had to find more natural alternatives to curb off my sugar craving!  For 2 days I craved cookies…  and when someone suggested I bake some (yes I did not think of it – I do not bake usually!) I looked at my recipes and I was missing a couple of ingredients for each recipe I could find!  Therefore this week end, I went grocery shopping and bought some items to bake vegan cookies!

When I had my sugar craving, I did a quick search on different vegan sites and found out that Twizzlers and Skittles are vegan…  but they are obviously refined sugars with chemicals… I still bought some but got fed up… and I decided that I wanted to work on this sugar addiction I have!!!  By the way. I haven’t had ANY refined sugar in 36 hours!!!

So here’s the cookie recipe I tried… It from the book “Vegan on the Cheap” (

Ingredients (for 24 cookies):
1/3 cup vegan butter
1 cup sugar (non refined of course)
1/3 cup unsweetened soy milk
3/4 creamy peanut butter
1tsp vanilla
A pinch of salt
2 cups quick cooking oats
3/4 cup vegan semisweet chocolate chip (I did not put any in this batch)

Melt the butter.  Add soy milk and sugar.  Allow for the sugar to melt while stirring.
Remove from heat. Add peanut butter, vanilla and salt. Stir well. Add oats and chocolate chip and stir well.
Drop heaping tbsp onto baking sheet. Set aside until firm.

They are very sweet… and they actually “do the job”… and are VEGAN!!!  YES!!!

What did you have a hard time with when becoming vegan?  Please let me know…

love and peace,

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