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Veganism is becoming more than just a fad diet it’s a lifestyle that’s proving to be beneficial in all aspects of health. Studies from the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition said “Vegans tend to be thinner, have lower serum cholesterol, and lower blood pressure, reducing their risk of heart disease.” The vegan lifestyle diet that eliminates foods such as; meat, fish, diary and eggs has significantly reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases in many cases.   A vegan lifestyle improves the bodies overall health inside and out.


The vegan lifestyle brings out the natural beauty of the human body.  Skin, hair and nails become strong.  Contrary to popular belief, the body becomes stronger and more agile with the vegan lifestyle.  The body stays leaner in the absence of animal protein due to the lean protein foods such as nuts and beans.  This makes it easier for people to get out and be active.  Feeling exceptional on the inside shows on the outside.


Eating habits affect the body physically and emotionally.  That heart stopping feeling of sickness after you mash down a double bacon cheeseburger is not just in your head.   Studies have shown the effects of high fat diets can lead to fatigue, depression and anxiety.  The vegan lifestyle keeps the body feeling clean and light.  There are countless testimonies of cures that came from the vegan lifestyle.  Everything ranging from headaches to multiple sclerosis has been cured with a simple change to the vegan lifestyle.


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